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SVIIF – Silicon Valley International Invention Festival

1 Lip 2018 - 4 Lip 2018USAKalifornia, Santa Clara Convention Center

1Czestochowa University of TechnologyMethod for producing shaped products from a porous material
2Czestochowa University of TechnologyMethod of obtaining magnetic composite for retention systems in reconstructive medicine
3Czestochowa University of TechnologySetup for contactless detection of defects in the structure of the tested object, especially in tanned natural leathers
4Cracow University of TechnologyNew Photoinitiating Systems for Processes of Cationic, Free‐radical and Hybrid Photopolymerization under UV and Visible Light
5Military University of Land ForcesUnmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with innovative construction
6Military University of Land ForcesCascade ionizing radiation Converter and Apparatus for Diagnostic Imaging in Real Time
7University of WroclawAnti-radical potential of anacardic acid in nanostructured liquid crystalline cosmetic formulations
8NEW CHEMICAL SYNTHESES INSTITUTE, GRUPA AZOTY S.A. TARNÓW The promoted zinc catalyst for water gas shift reaction and the method of obtaining this catalyst


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