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EUROINVENT wyniki medalowe

14 Cze 2017 Wyniki medalowe Udostępnij na FB   
Szanowni Państwo, Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z wynikami medalowymi z wystawy EUROINVENT która odbyła się w dniach 25-27 maja w Rumunii.

Cracow University of Technology

1.       New highly luminescent europium (III), terbium (III) and samarium (III) complexes and their use for the role of organic-inorganic luminescent molecular chemosensors for monitoring of polymerization processes and monitoring of the properties of polymer coatings and films

Srebrny Medal

Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP

2.       TRM® Tactical Throwable Robot

Złoty Medal

Industrial Institute Of Agricultural Engineering in Poznan

3.       The machine aggregated with agricultural tractor for recultivation of fields after cultivation of energy willow and fruit bushes

Złoty Medal

Lodz University of Technology

4.       The innovation synbiotic preparation for animal feed application.

Złoty Medal

5.       Disc granulation process as a method of the lime sludge management at the sugar industry

Srebrny Medal

6.       The chosen industrial application limited greenhouse gases emission

Złoty Medal

Lublin University of Technology

7.       A screw with moving elements of intensive mixing

Brązowy Medal

National Marine Fisheries Research Institute

8.       Innovative technology for the production of functional canned sprats

Srebrny Medal

Military University of Tachnology

9.       SymSG Border Tactics – Virtual decision game environment for Border Guard tactics training, utilising virtual and constructive simulators applied for supporting national and EU border protection doctrine Złoty Medal

Textile Research Institute

10.   Barrier Textile Protecting Against Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Złoty Medal

Silesian University of Technology

11.   Flexible dye-sensitized solar cells with CNT/PEDOT-PSS/PVP counter electrode

Srebrny Medal

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