Report from National Congress of Delegates of the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers

The 7th National Congress of Delegates of the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers took place between 24th and 25th October 2015 in Kongresowy Hotel in Kielce. The 47 delegates entitled to vote and choose new administration of the Association were selected earlier during the electoral conferences of 5 macroregions. The Congress began with the speech delivered by Assoc. Prof. Michal Szota, a President of the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers, who greeted guests of honour and delegates. Then, the lecture entitled TRIZ – a key to success was presented by Jan Boratyński, a Deputy of the Chairperson of TRIZ Foundation. Subsequently, the Presidium of the Congress, the members of the Mandate-Electoral Commission, the Recruitment Commission and the Comission of Resolutions and Applications were elected. Then, the President Michal Szota presented a report about the activity of the Association between 2011 and 2015. Next, Danuta Kieljan and Leopold Jeziorski, whom delegates gave the vote of approval, delivered the reports from the Main Audit Committee and the Main Peer Tribunal.

The next part of the proceedings began with presenting deserving members of APIaR with Honorary Gold and Silver Badges. After that, the voting for new administration had started and as a result, Assoc. Prof. Michal Szota was re-elected . Danuta Kieljan became a chairwomen of the Main Audit Committee and Leopold Jeziorski a chairman of the Main Peer Tribunal. After the announcement of the results, the inaugural session of newly chosen National Board of APIaR took place which ended the first day of the proceedings.

Newly Elected Presidium of the National Board of Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers

President Assoc. Prof. Michał Szota
Secretary-General Assoc. Prof. Marcin Nabiałek
Collector Eng. Piotr Michniowski
Vice President Dr Eng. Regina Jeziórska
Vice President Paweł Kamiński
Vice President Assoc. Prof. Łukasz Kaczmarek
Vice President Dr Eng. Tomasz Zieliński

The second day of the Congress was devoted to the discussion about the amendments to the statute of APIaR. Among many ideas the most important one was the acceptance of people under 18 years old into the circle of association members. According to the assembled company, the issue of APIaR’s international activity, which takes part in many World Exhibitions of Innovation and represents Polish innovators, requires novelization. The last part of the 7th National Congress of Delegates APIaR was the presentation of honorary membership to the people who were engaged in innovations and who had supported APIaR for many years. Among the titled were: Mr. Alireza Rastegar, The President of the International Federation of Inventors’ Association; dr Joachim Bader, the President of the Association of European Inventors AEI, and Mr Wu Kou Chen, the President of Chinese Innovation and Invention Society.

To sum up, 7th National Congress of Delegates passed in the climate of fruitful discussion which brought many constructive remarks. Therefore, we hope that the abundance of applications will enable us to work better for the Polish innovators.

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