Gold Medals for polish innovations on Agro Arca 2015 Exhibition!

On 8-10th of May in Trlij (Croatia) took place an 8th International Fair on Innovation in Agricultute, Food Industry and Agricultural Mehanization.

That’s an unique exhibition that brings together not only manufacturers in the field of agriculture and food industry, but also the creative people, innovators, scientists, professors, journalists and marketers, associations and organizations from industry.

Agro Arca is designed for presentation and promotion of ideas, projects, products and services. That’s an unique opportunity to contact between inventors and industry.

The organizer of polish section on Agro Agra 2015 exhibiton was the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers. With pleasure we would like to inform that polish innovations were awarded by:

– Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering – A machine aggregated with an agricultural tractor for pick up and rolling wood material left after pruning branches, growths of trees and bush as a biomass for energy purposes – Gold Medal Agro Arca 2015 and Silver Medal from Activee Slovenian Inventors

– Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Production, Service and Trade Enterprise AKPIL Kazimierz Aniol
A multi-purpose set for planting potatoes – Gold Medal Agro Arca 2015

Polish innovations at the exhibition attracted considerable interest. During the exhibition, the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering were represented by two engineers: Ryszard Chmielewski and Michał Szaroleta.

Congratulations for the laureates, we wish them further successes!

We would like to invite you also to see our Gallery from Agro Arca 2015 exhibition <click here>

Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers would also like to thank for the organizers Agro Arca 2015 exhibition for all their help and kindness during the organization.

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