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iENA - International Trade Fair "Ideas - Inventions - New Products"

1 Lis 2018 - 4 Lis 2018NIEMCYNorymberga, Messe Nürnberg (Exhibition Center Nuremberg) - Hall 12

1AGH University of Science & TechnologyPortable device for monitoring of exhaled breath content.
2Czestochowa University of TechnologyWelding unit for modifying surface layer of materials.
3Czestochowa University of TechnologyMethods of silicon carbide recovering from post-grinding effluent.
4Czestochowa University of TechnologySetup for contactless detection of defects in the structure of the tested object, especially in tanned natural leathers
5Czestochowa University of TechnologyElectrical energy processing, storage and recovery system KAPS
6Cracow University of TechnologyNovel Photochemical Initiating Systems for Cationic, Free-radical and Hybrid Photopolymerization Processes of Coatings under near-UV and Visible Light using LED Sources of Light
7Wroclaw Medical UniversityGlycoconjugate derivative of methotrexate and glucose in targeted cancer therapy.
8Wroclaw Medical UniversityAn antibody possessing an affinity for epithelial secretory and nervous tissue, as well as tumor derived from these tissues as well as the use thereof.
9Wroclaw Medical UniversityAn optical tweezers based assay to precisely differentiate B-cell lymphoma cells from normal B-cell.


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