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10th International Exhibition of Inventions and 3rd World Invention and Innovation Forum

13 Wrz 2018 - 15 Sie 2018CHINYFoshan

1Czestochowa University of TechnologyMethod for producing shaped products from a porous material.
2Czestochowa University of Technology Method of obtaining magnetic composite for retention systems in reconstructive medicine.
3Czestochowa University of TechnologyMassive amorphous alloy
4Lodz University of Technology, Institute of Applied Computer ScienceSwingMate – Automated Interactive Golf Coach.
5Institute of Engineering Materials and Biomaterials, Silesian University of Technology The nanostructured composite material with a polymer matrix with reinforcement phase in the form of composite ceramic nanowires and a manufacturing process of this material.
6Pharmaceutical Research Institute, University of Wroclaw, Faculty of BiotechnologyProcess for the preparation of the caffeic acid derivatives with antioxidant activity and their lipid nanocarriers.
7NEW CHEMICAL SYNTHESES INSTITUTE GRUPA AZOTY S.A. TARNÓWThe promoted zinc catalyst for water gas shift reaction and the method of obtaining this catalyst.


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