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Arca - 16th International Innovation Exhibition

18 Paź 2018 - 20 Paź 2018CHORWACJAZagrzeb

1Institute of Precision MechanicsInnovative method of producing a boronated diffusion layer on steel elements from a solid source of boron originating from coating Ni-B which is deposited by the chemically reduction method
2Institute of Precision MechanicsThe miniaturized device for eddy current non-destructive testing using the amplitude-frequency measurement – Wirotest M2.
3Institute of Precision MechanicsStand for mechanical tests of biomaterials, including bone structures
4Institute of Ceramics and Building MaterialsUtilization of CRT glass waste in the production process of glass tiles, development of technological parameters.
5Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Faculty of ChemistryDynamic development of obtaining novel organic salts applied in enzymology and microbiology
6Cracow University of Technology, A6Faculty of Chemical Engineering and TechnologyNovel Photochemical Initiating Systems for Cationic, Free-radical and Hybrid Photopolymerization Processes of Coatings under near-UV and Visible Light using LED Sources of Light


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